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Why Our Dogs Make Us Thankful

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With the holiday season right around the corner, Thanksgiving prompts us to reflect on what we are thankful for. One thing people are especially thankful for are their furry friends. Their energy sees no limits, and they never cease to make us smile. We asked our clients the question “What about your dog makes you thankful?” and here’s what they said:

“I’m Thankful for Cane’s muddy paw prints and the drool he leaves on the floors. In addition, I’m thankful for those eyes; the way he looks at me and melts my heart.” – Teri Bisci

“I’m thankful that he can put a smile on my face no matter what and is always happy to see me when I get home.” – Erin Keglovits

“That every morning she starts my day making me feel happy no matter what. Just looking at her furry face makes me smile! – Kathy Mutchler

“I am thankful for having a canine friend (or two or six!) for the past 30 years.  But I am most grateful right now for the dog I lost last spring.  Moose was with us for 8 years, and he was – by FAR – the craziest GSP we have ever met.  Sadly at 7, he was diagnosed with cancer.  Despite having his foreleg amputated, we lost him just 6 months later.  We were lucky enough to watch him come back from the amputation as full of life as ever.  He showed everyone that losing a leg was no obstacle… he ran, he jumped, he never lost a beat.  Even when the cancer returned, he was an amazing fighter – he did not want to let go, even at the end.  His resilience and constant love for his family was such an inspiration.  He will always be in our hearts and we are better for having been loved by him.  He was our “GATEWAY” GSP – now we have silly Wally, who looks like he could be filling those Moosie shoes.” – Stacey Burke

“My dog inspired me to do my first 5K. It was something I always wanted to try but was never sure I could. When I saw a doggie 5k advertised, I knew it was something Duncan and I could do together. We now have completed 7 of them. My dog inspires me to challenge myself and step outside my comfort zone. A true friend that I am very thankful for!” – Niki and Duncan Stocker

“Hatley has taught me to accept the unknown. Hatley has taught me that everyone deserves a chance no matter what their past holds. Hatley has taught me that hard work pays off. Hatley has taught me not to give up.” – Morgan McGinnis

“I am thankful for my dog, Everest because he keeps me sane in this crazy world we live in!” – Sherri Portalatin

“Through taking Obedience classes, I have a very close relationship with my dogs. It taught be to be firm but loving to my boys. Thank you Missy for helping me learn this” “They know without asking when we are stressed or sad, and they are equally attentive to others when we share them with family and in Therapy Dog visits.” – Janet & Dennis Grube

“Griffin: His clowning nature and energetic playful spirit makes me thankful he rescued me. He’s a lovable knucklehead! Cleo: Her fight to survive cancer gave me thankfulness for hope. Maggie: Her adventurous nature takes me places I have never been.” – Martha Ritz

“I am thankful for my dog’s loyal companionship. Regardless of life’s tribulations, my dog’s unconditional love has him always ready for our morning walks, excited that we returned home, eager to play, always alert of our surroundings, and willing to provide the protection or comfort in any situation. An indispensable part of our family!” – Justin Huratiak

“Everything about Magnum makes me thankful that we found each other, especially all the joy he has brought into my life. One of my favorite things is how he always seems to know when to look at me and give me a wink to make me smile.” – Rachel Abbott

“He makes us so happy every single day no matter what. We’re grateful for him and his energetic ‘lab’ personality. We’re glad we’re the ones who get to love, care for, and raise him. He makes everything better and makes life so much fun!” – Chelsea and Tyler Welk

“My black-bearded demon with a stubby tail loves unconditionally, forgives immediately and is the truest of friends, willing to do anything that makes us happy. He takes me away from my daily worries and he has a personality twice as big as he stands. With Arlo, whether he’s snoozing on his bed, playing with toys, enjoying his walks, or following me around, he makes our home complete.” – Marilyn Minder

“We are thankful for all of Kobe’s overzealous love and affection! She brightens every day!” – Ashley Pianelli and John Yacoulo

“I’m thankful for Aleja’s sweet natured personality, her love and the way she makes working together so easy and fun.” – Diana Skvasik

“Cooper and Bentley keep me happy and actives. They comfort me when I need it but also make me laugh. They are my best pals.” – Diane Bennett

“After owning a series of standard poodles who looked to me for “permission to breathe”, I’ve ended up with my rescue, Giorgio – a naughty and irreverent, teenage “standard” as challenging as the four teenage humans I have reared. But…thanks to Hope Lock, as an “old dog”, I’ve learned some “new tricks” and he’s coming around.  I’m thankful to have the most entertaining and the most loving (if not the most devoted) dog ever!” – Antonia Grifo

“I am so thankful to my dogs for getting up, out and moving because they don’t take no for and answer…” – Colleen Heimbach

“Bear Godleski is sweet and lovable. He shows affection to everyone he meets. I’m thankful that he can make people smile.” – Eric and Helen Godleski

“I am thankful that our dog is friendly, loving, and wants to always be with people.” – Debbie and Bob Cornman

“When I want to play Meadow’s ready everyday. Whether I’m happy or blue Meadow is always true. She’ll lie her head on my chest as if to say I’m the best. But what makes me most thankful for my dog Meadow, is that in the middle of the night if she has to go 1 or 2, She will go around to the other side of the bed and wake the wife with a nudge to the head.” – Jim Layfield

“Our family is owned by fun-loving, affectionate, high-energy Irish Setters. We are so thankful for Finnegan and Maeve because they love us unconditionally, are always happy to see us, excel in the art of cuddling, and keep us laughing with their antics.” – Stacey Judge

“The unconditional love my dog gives me is a true gift! Happy, sad, mad, or glad, he is just as happy to see me no matter what!! I love Larry!” – D. Lee

“Abigale & Angel: Companionship and therapy dog work. Wapike: Companionship and the bond we have when we are training and doing therapy dog work. ” – Deb Howell

“I am glad we rescued Bella, she’s a great dog, we love her!” – Van & Pat Upjohn

“I’m thankful for all the adventures I have with Yoshi. We go backpacking, fishing, camping… I know her time with me is short so I make the most of it!” – Regina Cabonilas

“I’m thankful for Abby bringing my slippers and newspaper to me, and also for taking long walks with me.” “I’m thankful for Abby’s undeniable devotion and love. And I’m thankful for her bringing my slippers to me every night, whether I want them or not, because she knows she has earned a treat.” – Kevin  & Karen Goodman

“I am thankful that Bluey cuddles with me but he especially knows when I need it the most!” – Erena Joseph

“That Pete is healthy, active, lovable, and a faithful companion.” Thankful for many years of good health. Loyal and Happy.” – Mike & Rita Jones

“Living alone the past three years has been a huge adjustment for me. I am thankful for Yankee’s company and I love it when he greets me when I come home.” – Jane Regina

“Their companionship. They always want to be with me, wherever I go … even to the bathroom.”

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