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Sending our dog to Missy Lemoi was, quite honestly, the best money we have ever spent. We adopted a high energy 2 year-old yellow lab that, despite a sweet disposition, turned out to be what as known as “a runner.” Four months of working with a private trainer, reading everything dog-training related we could get our hands on, employing the services of an additional dog trainer/walker, sacrificing our own exercise for daily training and endless pack bonding/exercise and spending vast amounts of cash on training gadgets and vet bills etc ensued and yet our “million dollar dog” still took off at every opportunity afforded her. One night when we were chasing her down a major US route at 11:30 at night, both of us doing 30 miles an hour, and Luna still ignoring every command shouted from the car window, we realized that this would not end well for our dog.

We had read about Missy in one of Cesar Millan’s books and had seen her featured in an episode of the Dog Whisperer. We figured that anyone featured by this man had to know what they were talking about but since she was over 4 hours from our house we just called for some local recommendations. From the start it was obvious that Missy was far more interested in the well being of our pet than our business and she took over an hour that first call trying to help us over the phone and find some local resources. At one point she said “I wish you lived closer; give me a month and I could make a huge difference with your dog.” That did it. A week later we brought Luna to live with Missy at Hope Lock for a month to work on obedience and e-collar training for an amount of money that makes us wonder how she stays in business! Although we affectionately referred to our dog’s training as bad doggy boot camp what made leaving Luna there so easy was that Missy’s place seems like the most fun dog summer camp ever. It also helped that Ms. Lemoi checked in with us frequently and made herself available to us at any time.

Still we worried about what we would find when we picked her up. What we found was a different dog. Or rather- all of Luna’s best qualities with none of the anxiety and jumpiness or wild look in her eye that seemed to say “let me off and I am running to Canada and eating all cats/squirrels/wildlife that get in my way in the meantime.” Missy says it’s that she’s been enlightened about her place in the world and with us. Luna now has a job- to please us- and is therefore well balanced and a joy to be around. Not only does she not take off EVER, she is also a model for obedience classes. We have never owned a dog who could heel, sit, stay, down etc 100% of the time and quite frankly weren’t very interested in training although we gave it our best shot before sending her away. Now that we have a dog who is so well trained and ready to work we itch to let her show off her skills. We are even thinking of getting her therapy dog certification. Missy didn’t just give us back our dog the way she was supposed to be- she gave us back our family. Having a dog who we had to keep on a leash (and that pulled on it to boot), one that got away, frightened people with the wild look in her eye etc., was dangerous and frustrating to say the least. Poor Luna cost us thousands and created so many situations and arguments that we started to wonder why we owned dogs at all and especially rescue labs.

Now we are doubling up on exercise as a family and relishing our time together. Every time Luna responds immediately to the word “here” and sits at our feet looking up at us with her big brown eyes and asking “what’s next boss?” we thank God and Missy. We would highly recommend her for any of your canine needs. Now if she could only train people… Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

The image shown is a sample from Intermediate class – not an image of Luna

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