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Hi Missy,

I thought I’d write to express my appreciation of you and your training staff at Hope Lock Kennels. I’ve always taken pride in the training of my past dogs through the years, but I always struggled somewhat with their socialization with both people and dogs.

Then we took your classes, I learned to train Meadow to do things that I never even considered.  All of which have been hugely helpful with our foray into Dog Agility.

Meadow and I took Agility classes with an instructor that you recommended.  I also found this instructor to be an outstanding agility instructor, so thank you for that.

We recently participated in our first AKC intro type of events ACT 1 and ACT 2, each event had two runs. Meadow took First Place in all four runs in her height group, achieved both ACT Titles and was the only dog to do so on this day.  However I was far from perfect, but Meadow is so well trained she stopped on a dime when I would say WAIT!  (Because I sent her in the wrong direction) If she hadn’t we would have been eliminated in three of those agility runs.  When our runs were finished the other competitors expressed how impressive Meadow was.  Not only at running the course but also her controlled sit and stay at the starting line, and her ability to listen and stop in her tracks on a dime when I said WAIT!

Meadow’s behavior was outstanding!  Not only inside the ring but also outside the ring with all the people and dogs everywhere.  She was a perfect reflection of all the quality training she’d received.  I think you would have been proud.

Without the socialization and obedience training we received from you and your team we wouldn’t be in such a great position to enjoy our new found love of dog Agility.


Jim Layfield & Meadow

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