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I’m thankful for Hatley and Hopelock for many reasons.

When we first adopted her we were looking for another dog that already found its forever home. Before we left we decided to browse through the other available dogs.

Hatley was curled up in a ball in the corner. She was so shut down. I knew we couldn’t leave without her. She smelled so bad, she had mites, mange, and was afraid of everything.

We were given a piece of paper with her estimated birthday and spay certificate from Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

After a few weeks we realized her unknown past was too much for us to handle. I found Hopelock Kennels through a client at work. After one lesson we already had a changed dog and a changed relationship.

Hatley has taught me to accept the unknown.
Hatley has taught me that everyone deserves a chance no matter what their past holds.
Hatley has taught me that hard work pays off.
Hatley has taught me not to give up.

I’m so thankful I didn’t give up. I’m thankful I found Missy. I’m so thankful that I chose to look past the unknown at the precious dog I knew she could be.

Without Missy and our training we wouldn’t have the confidence to travel with her, take her on walks, or leave her with a sitter. We wouldn’t have the knowledge or guts to adopt more dogs.

Missy and Hopelock really changed our lives and made all of this possible.

– Morgan McGinnis

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