Obedience Training

From the moment you bring your little bundle of fur home, you begin to lay the groundwork for the companion who will share your life for a number of years.  Investing time in the training of your puppy will help ensure you have a well-mannered pet who will be a pleasure to have as part of your family.

We apply a common sense approach to teaching pet owners how to instill good manners in their dogs.  All dogs should experience some level of formal obedience training simply to expose them to new sights, sounds and smells.  Teaching a dog to be obedient alone in one’s home is certainly a step in the right direction; however, teaching a pet to be well mannered around other people, dogs and various distractions will result in a pet you can be confident to take into any situation you may encounter in daily life.  This confidence will allow you to enjoy your canine’s companionship as you include him or her in your family’s activities.

Classes are offered for dogs 4 months or older at three levels:

Individualized attention is available as needed during the classes, and private lessons may be scheduled for specific problem solving.  Classes are taught in 6 week sessions with 45 minute classes held once per week.

Basic Class

Basic classes focus on: Teaching the dog to walk in heel position on a loose lead with no pulling Sit on command and sit stay up to 2 minutes Down on command and down stay up to 2 minutes Polite meet and greets with other people Ignoring and not making eye contact with other dogs If […]

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Intermediate Class

Intermediate classes build on the foundation established in the Basic course and polish: Heeling on a very loose lead in preparation of working off lead Sit stays and down stays at greater distances from the handler and for longer time periods Ignoring stronger distractions Building a reliable recall If you would like additional information, please feel […]

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Advanced Class

Advanced classes put the finishing touches on those skills learned at the Intermediate level: Heeling off lead Heeling on both the left and the right Sit stays and down stays with the handler out of sight Ignoring very strong distractions – such as food Introducing obstacle training for handlers interested in going on to agility training […]

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Class Schedule

Please note: there will be no class April 21. Basic Class New Classes Starting: Sunday, April 7, 2019 at 5:00 PM Tuesday, April 16, 2019 at 6:00 PM The cost for 6 weeks is $160.00.  Early bird special:  register at least 1 week prior to the scheduled start date and save $15.00! Fee for registrations received at least […]

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Specialized Training

We also provide one-on-one training for individual problem solving.  Training is available at our facility or in the home.  At times, it may be more beneficial to work individually with a trainer to meet your specific needs.  We are happy to accommodate your schedule or address a specific training need with private lessons.  If you […]

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Ready To Register?

To register for a class, download our registration form below in either Word or PDF format, and mail to Hope Lock Kennels with your payment and copy of your dog's vaccination records.

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