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Wow, what a deference a month makes! It seems like only yesterday that Craig and I were making the one and a half hour drive to drop Dixie off to you, the whole time trying to convince ourselves that she wasn’t really that bad. After a year and a half we were still trying rationalize that we could just train her on our own, because neither of us could bear the thought of being away from her for a month. The time you took with us when we arrived to show us where Dixie would be staying, explaining what you would be doing with her, and meeting the people on your staff and your family, left us driving away knowing that we had just made the best decision we could ever make for Dixie. We nonw have the results to prove we were right.

What you were able to accomplish with Dixie in one month is nothing short of spectacular! Those who knew her before she went to stay with you are convinced that we brought home another dog. You instilled in both Dixie and us the confidence to take on any situation that we may encounter in our daily routines. Most importantly, you have allowed us to bond with our dog at a level higher than we could ever have imagined possible. We can’t wait for Dixie’s therapy dog certification so that we can share with even more people the joy of being in the company of our extremely well-mannered pup.

Craig and I are honored and privileged to have had the opportunity to get to know you both personally and professionally over the past month. The passion and care that goes into what you do on a daily basis is inspiring and we envy your gift. We look forward to bringing our new pup to stay with you in a few months and relish the peace of mind you gave us knowing that whenever we go out of town we can bring our dogs somewhere where they will have a safe, clean, healthy environment, and stay with someone who will care for them as we would.

Thank you again for all you have done! If you ever need a reference, please feel free to hand out our phone number. We would be proud to recommend you!

The image shown is a sample from Intermediate class – not an image of Dixie

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