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I have been meaning to write you to “thank you for all of you: help with training our new English Springer Spaniel dog ‘Buddy’. As you know we came to you with some issue with Buddy when he just over a year old. We had worked with a previous trainer for a few months prior and his methods that were not working. Luckily, we found you and our life with Buddy has gotten so much better.

When we went to Italy for three weeks in September it seemed like a perfect chance for you while “boarding” Buddy to work with him. We sat down with you for 45 minute and discussed and reviewed all the as issues/bad behaviors we needed to improve with Buddy. When we came back from vacation after three weeks and then did a few one on one’s with you to integrate us into his training and your methods, things were steady improved. After you had him for that month, Buddy was a calmser and a more well behaved dog. We were amazed at his transformation in just a month.

Prior to your taking him for that month, he was “a handful” to say the least before that and we were very Instated. You helped us tremendously and taught not only Buddy but me and my wife the keys to good training. I continued right after that with your weekly obedience classed starting with the intermediate and then the advanced. I continue to work with him and look forward to continuing working with you to train Buddy further.

He continues to make great progress and in turn make us proud. He really is a sweet dog and now a pleasure to be around and live life with. Thank you so much for all of your help. You are a true professional at what you do. You don’t just do your job, you truly live it. It is clear that your love of dogs and your respectful way of training them it is in your blood. You are a “Very impressive trainer”‘ and Buddy loves you and thanks you too.

In addition to all of that you are “a genuine good” person. You helped us so much and we would “highly recommend” if any one is having problems or issue with their dog to seek help from you. See you soon and thanks so much, we really appreciate all you have done for us.

The image shown is a sample from Intermediate class – not an image of Buddy

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